An exquisitely soft feeling wraps you up to extend the indefinable delight inspired by the liquid element you are getting out of.  This is the experience La Maison de Blanc promises you to live thanks to its range of most refined honeycomb stitches and towels.

Our bathrobes whose external sides have been shaved to give them a most elegant velvety look, are wonderful hooded or shawl-collared caskets for a cosy wellness feeling.  When summer comes, the honeycomb stitch ‘Kimono’ bathrobe or the Sheherazade models, specially designed to be used at the pool, will seduce you through their lightness while our thick bath sheets will turn out to be necessary for a winter hammam out.

Our bath items may be customised with tailor-made finishings, be they embroidered initials or logos, pompoms, etc.  All finishings can come in any colour and perfectly match our bed linen series.