Finishes and Embroidery

La Maison de Blanc's finery is a steady invitation to daydreaming and chill out… Let the soft touch of the fabrics overwhelm you with a voluptuous feeling, and their finesse rock you for the most important third of your life, that is the one you dedicate to sleep.

For this purpose, we are trying very hard to work with fabrics that are best suited to your needs, namely: Egyptian cotton, percale (a closely woven plain-weave fabric),satin and other cotton veils whose quality guarantees a silky look and infinite suppleness.

Each item of finery is brightened up or may be customised -according to your own taste- with a very wide range of finishings: embroidery, flounces, buttons, pompoms, hand-made, old‑style, etc.  Each item is then overstitched with bourdon edging, a detail regarded as the print of a product finished by the rulebook.